Water level over the year 2019 at Lake Siemianowka

The lake Siemianowka photographed over the year shows how dry this year until now was. Here is a picture from October 2018. The cranes are flying very frequently on their way to the south.

And here the development of the water level in the year 2019. Since I have visited this region starting with the end of 2015 at least quarterly I could observe that the water level decreased from spring to summer but over autumn and winter still reached up to the shore regions. This year I was afraid that it became drier and drier until October. Following the monthly photos of the intake structure at Cisowka taken. I have never experienced the lake so dry in September and October.

Also in the area Maruszka located at the southüfer the same picture. October 2018 to October 2019. The space for the numerous waterfowl is getting less and less.

Animals around Narewka

With this page I would like to show the diverse animal world of the region around Narewka. But you can't document certain experiences with a photo. Once a kingfisher with loud chirping from behind flew past me. He took a short rest on a stalk. Before I came to take a picture he has already disappeared into the reed. But I never got that close to a kingfisher.

Wolves at Kosy Most


Moose near Cisowka in the morning fog

Red deer near Cisowka

bison near Lesna with young bison

Eagle with prey near Babia Gora

Young fox near Siemianowka

Cranes near Cisowka.

Stork near Maruszka.


Great White Egret near Maruszka

Duck near Maruszka

Swan near Siemianowka

Sea eagle fishing near Siemianowka

At Siemianowka

Behind the hotel

Female red-backed shrike near Cisowka

Swallow near Siemianowka

White Wagtail near Siemianowka

Frog near Siemianowka.

Midsummer night in Siemianowka

Sunrise and sunset on the longest day of the year from the observation tower in Siemianowka. Viewing angle 114 degrees with the 14mm lens. Sunrise in the northeast and sunset in the northwest from the same camera position..

Sunrise at 04:02

Sonnenaufgang um 04:02

Sunset at 20:50

Sonnenuntergang um 20:50

Narewka and the change of seasons

My project for 2019. Six points in the Narewka area, north of the Bialowieza National Park. Every month to document a photo of about the same point in the partly very extreme change of the landscape in this region. The water level of the rivers and lake Siemianowka changes by up to 1.5 m over time. This also changes the reed area around the lake. This makes it a challenge, depending on the season, to reach at least the photo point where the Narew flows into Lake Siemianowka every month.

Narewka behind the hotel Bojarski Gosciniec.

Cisowka located north of Lake Siemianowka.

Gruszki with a view of the Bialowieza jungle.

Kosy Most at the edge of the Bialowieza Jungle.

The Narew before its confluence with lake Siemianowka.

Water level of Narewka near Kosy Most.