Narewka and the change of seasons

My project for 2019. Six points in the Narewka area, north of the Bialowieza National Park. Every month to document a photo of about the same point in the partly very extreme change of the landscape in this region. The water level of the rivers and lake Siemianowka changes by up to 1.5 m over time. This also changes the reed area around the lake. This makes it a challenge, depending on the season, to reach at least the photo point where the Narew flows into Lake Siemianowka every month.

Narewka behind the hotel Bojarski Gosciniec.

Cisowka located north of Lake Siemianowka.

Gruszki with a view of the Bialowieza jungle.

Kosy Most at the edge of the Bialowieza Jungle.

The Narew before its confluence with lake Siemianowka.

Water level of Narewka near Kosy Most.