Animals around Narewka

With this page I would like to show the diverse animal world of the region around Narewka. But you can't document certain experiences with a photo. Once a kingfisher with loud chirping from behind flew past me. He took a short rest on a stalk. Before I came to take a picture he has already disappeared into the reed. But I never got that close to a kingfisher.

Wolves at Kosy Most


Moose near Cisowka in the morning fog

Red deer near Cisowka

bison near Lesna with young bison

Eagle with prey near Babia Gora

Young fox near Siemianowka

Cranes near Cisowka.

Stork near Maruszka.


Great White Egret near Maruszka

Duck near Maruszka

Swan near Siemianowka

Sea eagle fishing near Siemianowka

At Siemianowka

Behind the hotel

Female red-backed shrike near Cisowka

Swallow near Siemianowka

White Wagtail near Siemianowka

Frog near Siemianowka.